Perceive the Reflections of Success with Daniel Mangena

Vishal Jain
4 min readFeb 6, 2021


Is it right to say that everyone, all seven billion people on the planet, desires success? Is it right to say that nobody wants to fail? If it is, then success must be the most wanted thing in the world. But very often, people lack the ingredients for success; they can’t get it because they can’t even see it come to pass. Many teachers and motivational speakers have often spoken about the need to win in your mind before you can see the physical victory manifest. It is true. After all, almost 95% of what comes into our lives actually comes from the subconscious.

As an author, transformational teacher and life coach; Daniel Mangena has seen it all. He is the founder and CEO of Dream with Dan, the author of some amazing and inspiring books, and has spoken to hundreds of gatherings, including CEOs, entrepreneurs and top-level management executives. A wise man once said that to know where you’re headed, you must know where you’re coming from. Mangena comes from a place of failure, depression and near-suicidal encounters. His ability to turn all that around and become a channel of hope, personal development and success is, to say the least: encouraging.

Dan Mangena knows what it means to fail. From that, he has learned what has to be done in order to succeed. As he says, it begins with perceiving the reflections of success. “You must see it in your mind’s eye. Whatever you cannot think into being; whatever you cannot truly believe in — cannot see the manifestation.” It is just the way it is. When you look into your life 5 years from now, what do you see? Do you see that small business grow into a state-wide sensation and super brand? Do you see yourself making a partner at that firm? Do you see yourself quitting gambling, drugs or excessive drinking?

The truth is, success can mean different things to different people. For some, it is getting rich. For others, it could be sorting things out with their spouse. And believe it or not, some people see success as having a spiritual awakening of some kind. Whatever it is to you, you have to see it happen and then go after it. But perceiving the reflections of success also entails understanding where you are at the moment, why you’re here, identifying where you want to be and how to get there.

As Mangena asks:

  • What does your ideal life look like?
  • How does your current path align with your dream?
  • Have you identified your subconscious connection to your current path and position, so that you can ask yourself; “do you truly want this, and why”?
  • What stumbling blocks are on your path to a life of purpose?

If you can honestly and successfully answer these questions, you may well be ready for that journey to the successful life that you’ve always wanted. There’s a free Deep Dive session on his website that guides you with these questions. Success only comes to those who want it enough to reflect on it. Who change their mindset, beliefs and actions, as well as do the things that are needed to achieve what they want. Mangena teaches this principle in his life-changing masterpiece, Stepping Beyond Intentions. That book is a huge part of his own personal journey. It’s not just about wanting it, it’s about changing your mindset to reflect it.

In a recent feature with Forbes, Daniel Mangena gives the analogy of planting seeds. “You don’t pull out the first sprouts to see if the roots have taken shape”, he says. Such impatience can kill what you’re trying to build. “Instead”, he says, “celebrate the sprout and believe that as long as you’ve done the right thing, there are natural forces that will cause things to grow, especially if you planted the right seeds,” he adds. But planting the right seeds isn’t the only thing you should do. He says you must also tend to them and get out of the way.

All of those insecurities, fears and anxieties are what would prompt you to attempt to dig up the sprout. They can hurt your journey. Getting out of the way means, taking all of those out and creating a new mindset of patience and confidence. Mangena now lives the life he loves and loves the life he lives; that is what success is about. You must take responsibility, both for your past mistakes, your present situation and your future goals. It is important to dream, but you must dream with your eyes open. See the vision, absorb it, work on it and see it happen.



Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain is a serial entrepreneur who is Founder & CEO At Sunshy Group Of Companies And Member Of Forbes Council.